Fonts Type1 and TrueType: features of their use. For years, office and home computers and professional publishing systems existed only in our dreams. In the first computers in the main text typed documents, which were immediately printed on the front at that time one of the printers 'wired' in its fonts. Paragraphs are indented and edited by spaces, all the characters were the same size, the selection of the methods were only available bold, italic and underlined writing. At that time, more knowledge about fonts, and was not required. The task of the second generation of computers is much more complicated, because the 'brains pumped', released a new software, and learned a lot the user. And now it's all in the sum produces on the canvas the same typeface of any information that we see on the monitor.

Word, has grown from a small editor to a powerful set of editing and formatting text, allows, even with fewer amenities, to make the same thing as a professional system for printing – up to automatic imposition of the brochure. And quite often the leaders of small firms prefer to apply the same to their employees, to impose a commemorative booklet or brochure. It was only brought to the printing layout of the booklet, the budget director understands that reality, even if it does, but in a single whole did not turn. After all, laid out in MS Word brochure obtained at the professional equipment is not the way to the office printer: lines 'go', become empty squares, and the formulas are mixed in strange characters.