Traditional Chinese Medicine

Supply, Refuelling, Repair and Recovery. a SUPPLY Every cell in our body need energy supplies to perform their respective functions a Carbohydrate first metabolized (converted into energy) (Glycogen). then metabolize fats, are our reserve proteins, carbohydrates, lipids a protein metabolized but should not use them as a structure (muscle, tissues). INSTANT PROCUREMENT a Carbohydrates a Fuel is faster than our body uses. a body is transformed into energy and only a fraction of them are stored in muscle as glycogen. a carbohydrate intake provides the first power supply correctly carbohydrate PRO: Fruit a "a ADVERSE Vegetables: Flour a " a Cereal Starches "gaseous Why bad? a 1 – They stimulate the pancreas to produce high levels of insulin, causing hunger more often. a 2 – stimulates the production of Grease. Read more from Dermot McCormack to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

a 3 – Increase the amount of triglycerides, reducing resistance and promoting athletic heart disease. a 4 – Increase cholesterol. a 5 – Increase uric acid 2 – restore the right time to restore the glycogen, is the 30 minutes after exercise. what to do? a Eating favorable carbohydrates and protein during the first 30 minutes post-exercise. Keep reloading the body until two hours after exercise with carbohydrate-rich foods a 3 – REPAIR All daily activities damaged muscle cells and increased activity further damage. The muscle is recovered with rest and with the input of raw material to make proteins.

a 3 – a REPAIR REPAIR PROTEIN = TO DO? a After exercise, high-quality protein intake to 4 – Recovery Athletes create large amounts of free radicals. The reduction of damage caused by free radicals may be: 1. Accelerate the elimination mechanisms of lactic acid. 2. Reduce the degradation of muscle fibers. 3. Increase glycogen resynthesis. Graphic a recovery'm from Buenos Aires, martial arts, I am a therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I like sports, enjoy the well-being and good health and I am very interested in issues regarding nutrition and everything related to humano.E body