Incubation model

The system used for the incubation of companies consists of three stages: I-Pre-incubation: At this stage entrepreneurs involved have an idea-project and seeking to develop detailed business plan, supported by experienced tutors, to subsequently make the final implementation stage of incubation.It tends to strengthen the quality of the enterprises in its earliest stage, providing support to innovative entrepreneurs to plan the successful development of business opportunities. for the latest It provides for a maximum of six months of pre-incubation. II-Incubation: Consider the implementation of the project or business plan structured in the pre-incubation stage, in order to market products or services. At this stage, efforts are concentrated on reducing the risks of this business and strengthened through experienced support, networking and a range of services to facilitate project implementation, transforming scientific and technological advances in industrial and commercial successes. Provide adequate infrastructure for the creation of new businesses, and provides a range of support services to start-up, combining entrepreneurship, research and development, technology commercialization and capital. III-Post-Incubation Consolidation and growth of the company. Through monitoring the Business Incubator grants, it provides the entrepreneur training, advising, consulting and support in specialized areas.