The Syringe

How to deal with an unpleasant smell from the commercials? In shoe stores, and not only there, sell special sprays for shoes. These funds not only kill bad breath, but also possess antimycotic, anti-bacterial properties, which only have a positive impact on maintaining hygiene. Well, the laundry, of course, no one effect). Is there a relationship erased from the wheels rolling techniques? The dependence of the erasure of the technique – a straight line. For example, if you stand too straight, heavily worn rear tires, because the body remains in the bends slightly to the rear. If the impulse is short and sharp – the front. In any case, front and rear wheels are worn more central.

Is there a clear dependence of the hardness of the weight of roller wheels. Absolutely clear dependence of the hardness of the weight of not all depends on the 'abrasion' specific material, but rather on the properties of a particular model wheels. But theoretically, with the weight of more than 80 kg should be selected wheel rigidity itself of at least 80A. I have a firm Roces movies and I can not get bearings of the wheels. Squeeze not lecture, because there is another bush. Prompt method how to get. All skates Roces node-bearing bush of one species. And to take out the insides, they need to squeeze it.

If you do not go in the usual way, it is worth trying to act a little differently. Alternatively, heat the oven to degrees 60, and then put the wheels back on a short time. As a rule, it is enough to make bearings removed without much effort. Why put on each wheel by two bearings? In the roller wheels are used 'radial ball bearings. " They are best suited for a particular use in commercials, because light, compact and are characterized by low prices. In general, there are ball-bearings angular contact, thrust and other types – depending on the load on the node. 'Radial bearings' – work best when the load is on radius – that is, when the wheel is vertical. Tilt wheel roller, for example, in turns, the radial load is complemented by an axial, which is undesirable for good radial bearings. The balls begin to put pressure on the edge grooves in the rings of the bearing, which leads to a rapid deterioration of the bearing. To reduce the axial loads in the wheel roller is two bearings, which promotes separation of load and long service life. What is the best lubricated bearings grease type Lithol? The most convenient way to lubricate the bearings a little syringe. It is necessary to remove the plunger and shove in the syringe do not mind hopping litol. The tip of the syringe just fit the width of the grooves between the rings bearing. With this simple operation litol falls evenly, penetrating up to the cage and balls.