The Responses

Similarly, it was important to have a safe-conduct from the king. Today no titles of nobility in the price, because they give nothing. But be that as it were, the current lord – that’s the idea. Having accumulated large amounts and buying everything that your heart desires (houses, luxury cars, furniture, handmade, etc.), the people of this kind do not calm down. Ride the “Bentley”, live in a palace and have lunch in a posh restaurant with a model – this is not enough. This is no surprise. And here’s another and be at posts – it’s really cool! It is not uncommon for the high title ready to unfasten a million dollars.

For the money (and even much smaller) can easily become the head of any district or mayor, force colonel some law enforcement agencies (it costs about 100-150 thousand dollars), a judge or official. But these are valued, “brown”, which allows nothing to do and combine the service with commercial activities. A such privileges only gives an MP. For example, the area is empty chair Kushchevskaya head of the local selhozupravleniya. Why empty? Because this office with a secretary, car and personal cabinet no one wants even if free. There will always represent the visibility of work, constantly traveling to Krasnodar for sticking with the 6 am Bobby jumping over the fields and farms.

And with all this, nor with anyone not Sloop bribe and did not really steal. If you talk with someone from wealthy people and ask, why he needs a big office or parliamentary mandate, the responses are very similar. “That comes to me the tax inspector – a drunkard and a moron, nerves begin to wind. And I’ll show him the certificate and say, ‘You’re talking like, a serf? Get out of here, you dog! “. Simple “from Scarers cops” on the road is already very few people like. Need security certificates higher order, as well as access to high offices. During that are ready to shell out the full program. And as part of “the princely title of” – is a blow below the belt. Therefore, members of the Sochi willfully extended his authority to six months and left the other election scheme, which gives them a chance to save people.