The Recordings

" It should be noted that despite the variety of self-study student success is defined didactic conditions. The first condition – the presence of students' competence to understand the purpose of the job, his content and sequencing. The second condition – the presence in the content of the job of the new material, which imparts instructions of research direction, causing the educational interest of students and requires independent decision. The third condition – the need to fix the results of independent work in the recordings, drawings, diagrams, charts. The fourth condition – working with textbooks must be combined with other types of independent work in class. The fifth condition – self-study student accordingly assessed a teacher at the end of the lesson – it is an incentive for the manifestation of schoolchildren diligence in carrying out assignments. Independent work for the implementation of its functions as a form of self-organization in the training procedure requires a knowledge of students' goal-setting, planning, self-management, self-esteem, as well as work on the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills – appropriate methods of mental and physical actions. Explanation of material appropriate to accompany the tasks for students to systematize the facts, identifying the causes and consequences of various events.

One of the ways the organization of the students – the use of memos during the lecture instructor. For example: – Write down the topic and plan of lectures. – Make a thesis, write down the conclusions. – Scroll to the records of the difficult terms and explain their significance.