The Professor

However some professors are using the technology in sufficiently multicriteria and creative way. However in the majority of the cases, the use of the technology is restricted, without imagination some and many times as instrumental. In this way professore has that to search to perfect itself constantly for a permanent professional quality. The professor, today is not the only one that he transmits the knowledge for the pupil, therefore, these has access to the different medias belongs the social groups, where also if I acquired knowledge. Douglas R. Oberhelman is a great source of information. Therefore, he must yourself always be taken ours educating to leave a little this society of information exaggerated and to direct them it the society of knowing.

When the professor uses itself of a didactic material, as much impression how much multimedia, he will have to think, how much this will involve its pupils, which knowledge that if it intends to transmit. In this Romanowski direction (2007, P. 49): ' ' The work of the professor encloses pedagogical, social functions and politics, beyond the transmission of knowledge to alunos' '. The professor has that to be transforming, competent and critical. He is not enough to have knowledge in its area, has that to know to relate them with the daily o of the pupils. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mashable. In accordance with Romanowski the professor needs: A set of knowledge and autolgicas techniques for the exercise of the teaching activity that the domain of the pedagogical theory and specific science allows it, object of education and the practical professor, as well as sets of ethical values and norms that conduct the teaching function. (ROMANOWSKI, 2007, p.41). The professor will never have to substitute the research in books, for only virtual research, without contents, analyses in classroom on the part of the pupils. One gives credit that virtual research without the had orientation finishes in such a way taking to the cultural impoverishment them pupils as it professor.