The pharmacy in classical Greece

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Spirituality, Love and kindness are all qualities that Who is the first Kabalistic Women Rabbi Choose a big television you Cagas, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc hebrew equipment and electric can opener. Choose health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed-interest mortgages to pay. Choose a flat. Choose your friends. Choose sports clothing and bags to match. Choose to pay fees in a suit mark in a wide range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting on the sofa to watch teleconcursos that dull islamic the mind and spirit crushed while your mouth full of fucking junk food. kabbalistic We can consider that the known facts of the history of pharmacy in classical Greece to start the sixth century a. C. Crotone’s school, or Kroton Metaponto, whose greatest exponent is Alcmaeon (or Alcmeon). The school moved Pythagorean ideas to medicine.
Alcmaeon is an authentic revolutionary, the person who changed the focus of everything up to the time and his experience and intuition is the foundation on which sits across muslim the Hippocratic doctrine. As example, I would say that it is documented that the first author made a dissection and the first to postulate that health is a balance of tree of life humours.
The second school to mention judaica for its importance is somewhat later, the V century a. C., and is often referred to religious as school Cnido. This group of scientists are influenced by an empirical spirit synagogue and banish all traces of magic and mythical practice of medicine.
Practically at the same time, there is god another school of classical medicine, probably the best known, more rational than the previous one, the school of Cos, whose maximum exponent, Cos Hipocrates of the physician is certainly the most famous ancient age and since then the what else has been leaked to the science of our days.
Hipocrates of Cos
Hipocrates According judaism to the majority of national experts on rabbi the island of Kos to the year 460 a. C. He was a tireless traveler and a physician attended as many personalities of the time. He knew how to eliminate any medical theory of his mysticism sefirot and his medical practice was considerably higher than the school later, too influenced by the doctor.
In fact the most important of the Hippocratic school of Cos and its special way of thinking and acting. His qabalah work in principle is the so-called Corpus Hippocraticum but we can not know which belongs to Hipocrates .
Most important, apart from a few remedies more or less effectively (Corpus Hippocraticum has about 250 bible remedies, most of which are vegetables), is israeli how to address the patient by the physician Hippocrates. Everything is based on observation, accuracy, reflection on what was observed and a scientific jews spirit that enables you torah to generalize about individual cases. Moreover, the Hippocratic physician uses all senses to discover the patient data, such as temperature, pain points, their groans or size and turgidity of his injuries or tumors, even the smell that follows .
Defined in the words of Gomez Caama o, from Hippocrates, the symptom not the disease, the problem is not that man has a disease, but what state is chabad the man who has the disease “
Speaking of science and Greece, one can not overlook the brain quintessentially Greek, although not pursued medicine as such, nature study and is one of the greatest sages of all times Aristotle from Estagira.
His life runs between the years 384 and 323 a. C. In his youth was Hippocrates. Twelve years study at the merkavah Academy of Plato as a disciple.
His pupil Theophrastus was dedicated with interest in botany and wrote History of the plants.

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