The Hittite

By assuming the faraonato, the young new Emperor was proposed to undertake the risky venture. a This certainly would be no means simple. The Hittite people, so skilled warrior as an excellent diplomat, had managed to lock defense alliances and cohesion with other kings of the region (the Nahr el-Kelb Gubla, Arwad, Ugarit, and Kargamis Naharin, among others), forming a coalition almost anti-Egyptian granite. They had also recently made a pact with the powerful Assyrian Empire a full cessation of hostilities, so that could be spent carefully to concentrate their defense on one front. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Rameses, meanwhile, decided to attack with the same weapon after obtaining diplomatic friendship with the Prince of Amurru Bentesina ally of the Hittites. However, if it did not take Kadesh power, knew what the Egyptian, Syrian could never have, so chose to perform a major offensive. a Very cautious, astute Muwatallish II was waiting with a unified force but more than 17 colorful mini-states, consisting of 3700 tanks and 40,000 infants. the topic.. Rameses, meanwhile, has an army of 20,000 soldiers divided into four divisions of 5,000 soldiers each. The division Amun with Pharaoh in front, going forward, very close to the division Ra, and in the rear the other two divisions made up of ferocious black mercenaries brought from Nubia and an unspecified number of Amorites, men who professed a mortal hatred to the Hittites. A month delay in reaching the vicinity of Kadesh, finally settling on a hill 150 feet high called Kamuat el-Harmel, located on the right bank of the Orontes River (modern Lebanon).