The Ground

On the ground floor there were other volumes with the bodies of guards, and the basement with parking lots for cars and ambulances. Had lots of activities poles, but as it was units, units had poles as the surgery, halls of childbirth, rooms, etc., which were giving the priorities of a with respect to another. And the study of functional flows, which was another way of prioritizing the activities poles within each plant. In 5th year, same thing happened to me with an administrative political Center for 10 000 inhabitants, but with the help of computing, we did the functional analysis, spatial and height compatibility matrices, and the result was very positive. The plaza was characterized by activity poles: Socio-administrativo buildings, and around each of those buildings were placed by sections activities poles which generated activities, in a manner such that the Centre remained balanced day and night, and could do a tour on all directional senses, and each tour was lively, already that the activity pole defined sections. That started to work I wanted and software engineers can make a computer program to make these matrices of shape computed with an interactive in Windows for any type of project, program, but so far I have not succeeded. It is a shame because every day I can not see the importance that has this method of design. In practice, I have had to make complex projects and always matrices when I proposed by a need for the type of work that I’ve been designing, I made them by hand. (For example: drugs Labiofam, building production plant for the create – plant health and soils, with attached laboratories for these purposes, etc.) We wanted to make this communication to perform mode our reflection and exchange of ideas primarily based within the Kussan method in the importance that has the functional compatibility matrix, and aspects which, in our view, must be taken into account to conduct the analysis of this type of matrices, and achieve a good result.