The Field

Many of these forms of organization of the agricultural space are considered by the author as ‘ ‘ novas’ ‘ between quotations marks because many of these activities, in the truth, are secular in the country, but they did not have recently until economic importance. Therefore author comes happening has certain time according to a great urbanization of the agricultural space, considering that the urbanization in Brazil a so recent fact many of these activities had also not been born of one day for the other, what it moved in the truth was the form of if seeing and if thinking the Brazilian agricultural space that if became an agricultural space penetrated by the urban world with old and new personages, as ‘ ‘ neorurais’ ‘ (professional liberal and other former-inhabitants of the city that had passed, to inhabit in the field) to the side of seated (former-without land) the of that we have called ‘ ‘ without-sem’ ‘ (without land and job and almost always also without house, health, education, and mainly without organization, thing that the without-land already had unquestionably obtained). Project that demonstrates as if gives to the new relations and activities in the agricultural world: CONCLUSION. When thinking the process of industrialization for which it passed the Brazilian space all, we leave many times to consider that the spaces are several, where each one of these absorbed of differentiated form the effect of industrialization. She is necessary to understand that the globalization that also reached the great cities arrived at the country properties for minors who were. If in the urban space these changes of organization if had not given in a more distinct homogeneous way had still been to the occured changes in the different agricultural spaces.

We need then to search new forms of if to understand the agricultural one, where it is possible to fit from the different forms of you analyze each one of the different Brazilian agricultural spaces. When we go to an aboriginal tribe and we come across with a space strong urbanizado, indians using cellular to the times we think: ‘ ‘ indian thing none, they had lost razes’ ‘. Here it is that a question appears: because to think that the globalization process that reaches the terrestrial space all would not arrive at the agricultural space? It fits then as it says it to reply of a chieftain of the Xacriab tribe: ‘ ‘ I can be what you are, but without leaving of being what I sou’ ‘. Such affirmation serves as reflection on the Brazilian agricultural space, that did not leave of being agricultural, however also was not outside of the processes and the activities that had happened in the urban space.