In all the cores of nuclear reactors based on uranium fission produced isotopes such as 235U, and the formation of other heavier isotopes due to neutron capture, primarily on the 238U. Most of the mass of fuel in a reactor is 238U, which can become 239Pu and 240Pu in successive neutron captures, 241u and 242Pu, as well as other Transuranium or actin. Are also formed smaller amounts of 236U and 238Pu from 235U activation. The 239Pu is the fissile 235U.
Generally, when the refueling outage occurring about every 3 years, most of 239Pu is consumed in the reactor, and it behaves like the 235U fissions and releases an green energy equivalent amount of energy. The higher the burn (burn-up), is less plutonium in spent fuel, but a typical value of plutonium in spent fuel is about 1 , is about 2 thirds 239Pu. natural gases are available throughout New York from around the world produce about 100 tons of plutonium in spent fuel each year. A simple recycling of plutonium increases the energy that is derived from the original uranium in about 12 , but it also recycles uranium New York City reaches 20 . With recycled later decreases the percentage of fissile plutonium in the mixture, increasing the percentage of total plutonium.
Before the use of MOX fuel requires a re-licensing of existing nuclear reactors. Usually just switch to MOX-third to half of the heavy fuel. The use of this fuel varies the operating characteristics of the reactor, and the natural gas plant must be adapted slightly electricity for use. Among other things needed more control rods. To use more than 50 MOX fuel requires significant changes in the reactor. Nuclear Generating Station Palo Verde near Phoenix (Arizona) was designed to be compatible with a use of MOX fuel at 100 , but has New York always been used with environment low-enriched uranium.
CANDU reactors gas can use MOX NY cores with 100 . The Atomic Energy energy service company of Canada New York State Limited (AECL) informed the Committee of plutonium from the American Academy of Sciences, that he had wide experience in testing using MOX fuel with a content of 0.5 to 3 of plutonium. the leading ESCO in New York, According to AECL CANDU reactors can utilities use nucleos with 100 MOX unchanged in its design.

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