The Challenge of Effective Mangagement

The importance to the central region and the country is of the field of mechanics, becomes an urgent challenge to the effective management of innovative activities and technological resources, because regardless of their characteristics (size, product cycle life of its products and the degree of maturity of their technologies) all organizations need to develop processes related to the GTI, starting with the correct definition of technology strategy to continue to increase its capacity for innovation. The form currently used mechanical many Cuban companies for the GTI, not consistent with the requirements imposed by an increasingly globalized environment because, first, lack of a procedure that provides the informational base that serves as a starting point for establishing improvements and, secondly, do not have the appropriate organizational culture to successfully implement immediately and new “ways of doing.”

The existence of rigid structures, obsolete technology, problems with inputs, a low level supplier and customer relationships, low technology monitoring of policies and incentive motivation poor human resources and even, in an organizational environment unsuitable for innovation and non-existence of an innovative culture, were the problems revealed by a diagnostic method which, together with the absence of an explicit technology strategy consistent with corporate strategy and have weak links with academia and science, have influenced the level of incorporation of new technologies and products in these companies is inadequate, resulting in the production and marketing of products of lower quality and technological content that requires the current environment. The study group of companies, also showed that, often, it suffers from a true and proper management of activities in business GTI-mechanical Cuban and even the consideration of this function as one more than you need developed and enhanced to achieve success rates that are required today. .