Duality – The Polhaftigkeit

The Polhaftigkeit is not to say the apparent dichotomy, fundamental condition of our human experience. Now I turn once completely, in particular on the subject of Dualitat. Although I have addressed it in other chapters, I believe, that some more clarity may arise with a particular approach. Sandra Akmansoy has plenty of information regarding this issue. Experience as such I would not here talking about the unit, because in the, yes our perception of duality resolves, and we are steeped in the deep assurance that everything is one; then there is more knowledge and Erklarbarkeit yes no need, and we are in a definite area. It is me here rather than to learn the uniform in their apparent separateness or to understand.

Therefore, I want to the yin and Yang principle put the topic in relationship and perhaps enlightening connect. The yin and Yang principle illustrates precisely the deeper insight, I try to convey, if I recognize and Knowledge of unity in duality speak. Because I am talking in particular about a knowledge I can acquire me, when I look at things in a logical, analytical way, fertilized with a certain offenheit for the intuitive powers in us, provides us with an understanding of switchings level here. Seen, we can easily realize that the rough TRENnung of the phenomena in polar opposites is not really possible, because we can guess the many overlaps, nuances, in other words, the grays between black white thinking and looking at and know already internally to the more complex relationship. Widely known characters of the yin and Yang Prinzipes, which if they are now red and blue, black or white, includes a point in the color of their respective counterparts in opposing fields, shows and veranschaulicht it very well in my opinion. It has thus unmissverstandlich on the growth and existence of the one in one out. In this pictorial design is exactly that shows up, what we are interpolating to feel: namely that a pole of duality, which oberflachLich considered is the opposite of its opposite pole, this seemingly other opposite is included.