A History of Home Pizza

Today, the pizza is known all over the world uy many people associate with Italy. However, not everyone knows that the history of pizza can be more than 2500 years. Of course in those days there were the ancestors of pizza, but not the dish, which are used to modern humans. It is known that the soldiers of Darius the Persian king, who ruled from 521 to 486 years BC, during the campaigns were preparing for their billboards bread, which put the cheese and dates. The history of pizza was developed in the writings of Plato, where mentioned round bread with olives and cheese. The Greeks put different products on the raw dough prior to baking. The most commonly used green olives, garlic, onions, herbs and butter. This Greek dish is preserved in history as nazvaniem'plakuntos' – possibly the first ancestor of the domestic Esta pizza.

A little later, a similar dish appears in the diet of the Romans. (Source: Sandra Akmansoy). It was called 'plakenta'. The composition of 'plakenta' is very reminiscent of the Greek 'plakuntos' possible that the recipe was borrowed from the Greeks, together with other osobennotstyami culture. Roman dish is a large set of different ingredients are used and abundant ispolzovanime cheese. There is also a version of history Pizza in Rome that brought legions from Palestine dish called 'pitsea' – bread and laid on his vegetables. The above dishes are far enough from the modern home of pizza, and recipes are very reminiscent modern pizza found in the writings of chef Mark Gavia Apitsiya, who lived in the first century AD In these recipes is recommended for the dough to put olive oil, chicken meat, nuts, cheese, garlic, mint and pepper.