State Organization

It was obvious that certain technologies which were applicable to countries more developed, were counterproductive for countries that had not attained high industrialisation stages. Recent invoice, is the concept of reengineering, emerged from the crisis and recession which first affected the industrialized powers, and be determined because it took to settle in our land. To broad strokes, reengineering alludes to the need for new designs for the new challenges imposed by new ways of management in companies and organizations. It is not dared to derive from social engineering to social re-engineering, and hence it is appropriate to postulate that this social reengineering has to implement with appropriate technologies. And from this conceptual platform, we again reiterate our proposals of neorruralizacion or rerruralizacion of the Argentina. Our country is demographically structured in 1610 human settlements that are home to ninety per cent of the population. In our scheme are suggestive the around 1450 human settlements between 500 and 10,000 inhabitants.

We pointed out the vulnerability of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and in much lesser extent of the great Cordoba, Rosario. Tucuman and resistance, where they only fit public policies of security or food emergency, which are already being implemented. Actions to promote practices as the domestic economy over the rest of the settlements, fit u home or homemade. In that sense to Plan PROHUERTA of INTA, seems fairly coincident with the neorruralizacion that we are recommending. This neorruralizacion must be marked by decentralization by creativity and participation. We believe that 24,500 primary schools and their consequent cooperators, are the basic component of all in all this scheme, outlined all the constraints of a monographic treatment. The school cooperative is the vessel communicating with the rest of the fabric of institutions of public good which, fortunately, has aquilatado the Argentine evolution. And community fabric, is necessarily linked to the municipality, which is in our view the instance of the State Organization, which should take an active role, as the national and provincial governments should continue turning towards minimized functions carried out with efficiency. The concept of appropriate technology, combines by the creative use of available information technologies, whether the use of broadcasting and television, amateur radio and the use of telephone lines or cellular network or satellite, to make connectivity with computers.