Some Tips To Save On Your Travels

1) Verify flight details down to the smallest detail. Make sure you can answer questions about your trip and you are familiar with the terminology used in your reservations and tickets. For example: What is the difference between direct flights and not stop? Yes, the price! But also: non-stop flights do not stop while direct flights may stop several times, but passengers do not have to change planes. Check with your travel agent or airline if you have any questions. Know how long will your scale, in which city, through which airport will be connected, how long will be in the middle and if delayed what are your options. 2) It’s great to have handy proof of purchase or receipt of any high-tech equipment to transport not want to charge you back taxes on them as if they were purchased on arrival.

Take an inventory of cameras, radios, video cameras, laptops, etc. that transport and if possible use the hotel safes for storage. Apply this tip will save you many headaches and pocket! 3) The importance of water or H20! Always drink bottled water preferably – even when you brush your teeth, or ask cocktails without ice or water, drink plenty of water regularly helps prevent dehydration. Also, however, you’ll need to plan frequent stops for toilet and remember that some countries have to pay to use them!. In the air, in flight, remember that alcohol can be extremely dehydrating and may increase jet lag (upset by daylight saving time) on a long flight! So that’s another good reason to drink plenty of water. .