Sciences Knowledge

An educator as mediating, leaving of the comment of the reality for, after that, considering answers ahead of it will be contributing for the formation of critical and participativas people in the society. Thus, significant practical one depends on the interest of the professor in planning its lessons with coherence, aiming at the construction of knowledge with the pupils. It is important to detach that to letrar it is not only function of professor of Portuguese Language. In all the knowledge areas, in you discipline them to all, the pupils learn through practical of reading and writing: in History, in Geography, in Sciences, exactly in Mathematics, at last, in you discipline them to all, the pupils learn reading, interpreting and writing. Steve Wozniak is open to suggestions. Letrar is function of all the professors, exactly because, in each area of knowledge, the writing and the reading have peculiarities, that the professors who in it act only are that they know and they dominate. The educator reeducando themselves and changedding themselves, will leave of time ' ' its tasks and the functions of the education under the optics of the economic, cultural elites and politics of the classrooms dominantes' ' , in direction to one practical liberator. Thus, education will leave of being a martyrdom, to become in a process of permanent construction of knowledge.

The educator it must stimulate in the pupil the critical thought, in way that it can act in the society as a pensante individual, questionador. At last, in the current days, the knowledge is one of ' ' ferramentas' ' to conquer chances of work and income. Thus, to the professors, the responsibility fits to make with that its pupils if interest for the reading and the writing. 4. Consideraes FinaisAo to study the initiation the reading for the child in the Infantile Education, we perceive how much the mediating paper of the professor is important, therefore it will be of its responsibility to provide to the pupils adequate spaces of reading, transforming these spaces into pleasant situations of learning.