Current use of land

I did not know exactly what to call this recipe. Shuffled between the various possibilities which appeared Tortilla cod and peppers “unstructured” and “cluster of tubers, vegetables and fish,” but I found a little “putuflu” as well as cooked in a mold is dismantled, is round and is composed layers, called “cake” is more appropriate and above all much more rustic, which is what I do is me …. This recipe was happening on the fly, since my intention was to use a little desalted cod that had been frozen. In the department of El Quiche by its climate, soil types and topography of the land, its inhabitants great diversity of crops planted annually, or semi-permanent, and includes cereals, vegetables, fruit trees, coffee, sugar cane, etc. .. In addition to the qualities with which the department has some of its residents raising various kinds of livestock. The existence of forests, whether natural, integrated, mixed, etc.. Composed of several species of trees, shrubs or creeping give a special touch to the department in its ecosystem and environment, making this natural grace in one of the Typical visitors to be inhabited by not only domestic but also foreign. Is this how you the reader can form an idea of how this department on the land use is sometimes exploited intensively and in other so passive.

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