Remaining Order

The search for ' justia' of the pupils it had been the main cause of the claims, inimizades and sense of injustice that had started to be part of that group. In the end of the accounts, nobody wanted more to study to benefit the remaining portion of the room. All the pupils had repeated, for its total surprise. The professor explained that the socialist experiment had failed because it was based on the lesser possible effort of the part of its participants. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. Laziness, hurts and ressentimentos they had been the results of this experience: ' ' It rewards when it is grande' ' , it said, ' ' the effort for the success is great, at least for some of ns' '. ' ' When the government eliminates all rewards them and chances, taking off things of the others without its assent to give to that they had not battled or they had deserved for them, then the failure is inevitvel.' ' Simple thus, with historical samples and tests! Commentary mine: In full crisis of 2008 the wave came back strong of the socialism. I already wrote diverse articles on this, my opinion I am clear, but always the controversies, after all, healthful exist to meet a point of justice and prosperity in the world. Between radical defenders of the position (in such a way of the socialism, how much of the free market straightforward), all must always consider the virtue in the way.

Conflict does not exist enters the creation of wealth and the welfare state, the development and the support. Fagulhas of radical and exceeded ideologies in the current world, these still exist ' ' soldados' ' they forget that they exist a new world-wide order, a new global economic order. I have academic point of view and practical very clearly, modstia the broadbeans, I know the history and the economic beddings of a line and the other well. The quarrel must be pautada in the future, the learning of the errors and the recognition of rightnesss, on both sides. To deny qualities in any of the counterpoints is radicalism. The summary is the following one: When room exists and lack of chance to grow, the most basic instincts of the human beings to improve and if to improve go for the space.

The biggest cause of the failure of the socialism was, beyond the corruption in the cupola, the lack of development chance. The intention is good, in the theory functions, but in the real world the things are different. The lived experiences speak more than the academic theories or teses, but it is always good for remembering e, eventually, to trace imaginary lines in simple language to show a so clear thing as the light of the sun. Some still doubt and insist that we can to fix the world, but we will only fix it with justice, freedom, democracy and generation of wealth, education and technology, and let us not forget in them the support! A new world-wide order and a new economic regimen are there for proving this, who to want to see, go to obtain to enxergar, who not to want, will be fighting for the ideas of the past.