For where it wants that we pass, in them we come across with people using some of these devices. In such a way, the competition if became disloyal. The school with its traditional model of education became obsolete, exceeded. It does not go to obtain to forbid cellular and the other devices in the pertaining to school environment for much time, as they make some.

To each day that passes, more and more pupils go appearing with its device in the school. They enter with hidden it, communicate themselves for> Estado de Hoje publishes manchete: Use of the cellular one in the education gains prize international clarity the objectives to be reached with the intended activity. A cellular one, for example, can serve to interview an old inhabitant of the quarter, it can register moments of excellent studies in excursions, or even though to photograph places important in its city to create digital albums. In such a way, the activity goes in accordance with to vary the content studied and with the creativity of each one, without forgetting obviously them objective to be reached. However we cannot forget the champions the category, the computers.

They are who alavancaram and really had praised the use of the technologies in the education. To each day that passes they go if proliferating in the schools, catching the unprepared and unprepared majority of the professors and managers. this, starts to be one of the biggest impediments for the development of computer science in the education. Schools exist that have computer science laboratory, but that it meets the flies, therefore exite interest or knowledge not to use it. The federal, state and municipal governments have offered courses to enable the professors for the use of computer science in the education.