Reflecting On Social Nets

Social nets in contrast of what much people can imagine and a term very known in the half academic and did not originate in the Internet oque the Internet made was to become this concept of social nets more visible divulging for the world the rejection. Today much is said that social nets and the future of the Internet therefore in them brings a vision of an established Internet total in a humanistic vision that is sends in them to understand and to reflect that who this for brings of schemes not and one another one so only schemes and yes a human being that if relates with another human being.

I consider to the expensive reader a reflection on this subject with more depth thinking about the human side of the Internet that is in who this for brings of its computer when you go to become related not mattering if and with a relative, a head of work or a stranger but let us think about this that the made Internet and in short for human beings and for you do not scheme. In its film modern Times the artist charles chaplim made aluso the relation man schemes that she makes in them to reflect a little on our virtual relationships will be still we can say what we are human beings ahead of as much technology that each time plus this gift in our day the day? The reply to this question and yes we can in them consider still human beings therefore the human being never will be below of no technology because? For the simple fact of we are in the creative o of these technologies we are in we dominate that them and we learn to handle with them and before everything we are beings with feelings and characteristic proper in contrast to one it schemes that only it makes oque and programmed to make it thinks about this..