Protective Masks

As these masks of protection tend to come into effect, we cling to them to convince us that this is what we are. However, acting with these masks you can notice that confidence in oneself, is very weak or full of doubts or non-existent. So we turned to the advice of others, rather than to listen to the inner voice. Paramount trust, which has a natural expectation, can create an experience of dependence and freedom at the same time. This feeling stems from security that feels when, the natural process, has not been broken by betrayal.

However, most of times need to wake up and recognize the natural principles, to which I am referring, experience its opposite side. We often need some experience that promotes our recognition of its importance and its value. Living in a world of polarity, it is understandable that we have to experience the polar opposites. In this way is expected to have a clarity of shaft middle and operate on a clear balance. Is required to confront and resolve the pain, caused by the betrayal, a deep work. Many people stays with resentment, anger and even hatred believing that with time they will pass into oblivion. These attitudes are stored inside and, unless you cure them and release them is, within the time of personal grace, begin to act on the body, with the same corrosive energy, affecting to be with health projects.

Eventually, when the health project has already been established in the body, people tend to focus more on physical cure of evil, not in the internal cause that created it. Moreover, there are few people who relate physical illnesses with the diseases of the soul. This reflects the disconnection in which we live. However, if we rush into the adventure of holistic healing, not only we will be able to heal the wounds, they awaken an understanding to cellular and vibrational level about the importance of going through painful experiences that, after Yes, take a gigantic light.