Promotion Of Junior Tennis Required

There’s nothing like who wants to become a great tennis star. This wisdom applies to the present conditions only partly. Although a long-term approach in the promotion of junior tennis is necessary to provide a five year old but already with a tennis racket to the place that is far from being achieved. When aiming at a long-term power development from childhood until early adulthood, one must start small and gradually expand the training to ever new facets. Even in his early childhood care Filius with the latest tennis equipment tennis dispatch, is therefore not necessary. Especially at a young age, ie between the fourth and sixth year, the child needs a general and versatile training to be part of that should not exceed six hours a week any way. Non-specific and varied forms of play to train adolescents in complex forms of movement. In addition, they train speed and coordination. In technology education, such as the swing through a clean forehand, can safely dispensedwill. Go there for the tennis basic form is already there rather on the agenda. Only the advanced training, followed by the ideal type from the ninth year, brings the student the specific technique of the sport closer. In these years of life the child is very capable of learning and motivation. The key principles are put into this phase. Endurance exercise and muscle supplement the subsequent phases targeted to high-performance training, which, from 16 Age follows. Specifically, the mental components of the “white sport” will be added at this stage and make the crucial difference between amateur athletes and athlete. If your child already lost the joy of sport, we should not be forced to continue. Motivation is just the high-performance sport is an important prerequisite.