Pobrista Tourism Tourism

Pobrista Tourism Tourism pobrista or slums or pobrismo tourism is a sights type of tourism tourist attractions that has developed recently attraction and that sightseeing is to destination carry tourists to see places where people live in poverty. This bureau kind of tourism is very popular in India, traveling Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa. Pobrista Tourism tourist information has been criticized as a form adventure travel of voyeurism and exploitation of those living in poverty, sightseeing attractions to which they take pictures but they are not allowed attractions anything in tourist board return. Because of places to visit this some travel agencies spread pobrista part of their profits to help the poor. travel guide Other forms of tourism are pobrista brochures visit such establishments for low income people such as bars and restaurants in poor areas where people of middle or upper class get motivated by the turist quest of adventure or curiosity due to the apparent visiting authenticity of the coloring visitors of the sites offer. Unlike the bohemian culture, tourism pobrista usually produces only temporary interaction and without any commitment travel to visitor the observed part.