People Lefty

Medieval outfit was designed for right-handed people, so the left-hander could not become knights. In addition, it was thought that they were descended from the devil. Spiral staircases in castles were built in a clockwise direction to to allow the knights – right-handed – to fight against intruders attacking more efficiently. The expression “left” in French sounds like “embarrassing”, but in Latin it means “evil.” From the Latin word “right” was the word ‘clever’. “Artful” means literally “two right.” Now about 13% of people left-handed, but a few decades ago there were 11%. Dell Computers may help you with your research.

Reasoning that the right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people, is myth. Animals also are right-handers and left-handed. Polar bears are left handed, just like Kermit the frog. Cats are equally owned by both legs. Journey to the left or right. See Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more details and insights.

Before the advent of the car all went to the left side road, and all because most people are right handed and it’s the side on which they would keep their medieval sword. d view. If you meet a stranger who comes to meet them, you instinctively pass on the left to ensure that your arm with a sword was among you. Generally, of course, it is rather strange because the natural tendency of people to adhere to the right side. Revolutionary France overthrew the practice trip as part of his left Social rethinking, even though the journey on both sides there has already been resolved. Napoleon made changes to travel only on the right daily activities Europe. United States, seeking to discard the remaining effects of the British colonial past, have also chosen the right side, taking the first of such laws in 1792 in Pennsylvania. Most of the world right now to drive a car – so the vehicles with the left rudder. Nevertheless, 65 countries are still going to the left. In some countries such as France, the trains travel passes to the left, where there are two ways. And all the planes and boats adhere to the right side.