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Enhance. Storage DAS high availability Azken Muga DStorage Enhance is the storage solution DAS (Direct Attached Storage) with best when price performance ratio, combined with high performance SATA-SAS RAID controllers. Title: DStorage. Enhance. Storage DAS HA Azken Muga editing and postproduction in digital cinema HD and 2 K DStorage is the storage solution DAS (Direct Attached Storage) with best ratio price/performance of the moment, combined with RAID controllers for high-performance SATA/SAS, HighPoint, the desktop (with Rackable option) systems DStorage, are constructed in aluminium with an ultra silent ventilationthey integrate interfaces Dual MiniSAS capable of delivering sustained rates of 780 MB/s sequential read and 689 MB/s write in RAID 6, one of the RAID subsystems fastest in its class. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is likely to increase your knowledge. Stores up to total in 8HD HotSwap.

DStorage EnhanceBOX E800MS model is a system of ideal storage for editing applications and Video in any format, uncompressed or 2 K HD post production and is compatible with any platform high resolution such as AJA, Avid, Blackmagic, Bluefish444, Grass Valley/Canopus and Matrox. Altavista helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Enracables as DStorage EnhanceBOX TS3160SE models offer a high performance SATA/SAS storage RAID with up to of 16 disks hotswap, a system of high availability with redundant and electronic source of expansion which allows scalability in series up to 3 systems with connectivity SFF-8088, to deliver a total of 96TB… Built in aluminium and interface with Dual Mini-SAS SFF-8088 is able to extend the capabilities of your current infrastructure storage if available on your host of a port PCIe x 8. EnhanceBOX TS3160SE is the RAID subsystem with the best ratio price / performance more of its kind. Easily expand the storage capacity of your infrastructure with a system of direct storage of high availability and performance record. For more information, see in Azken Muga: about Azken Muga: Azken Muga leader in solutions of Advanced Computing and professional graphical visualization, specialist graphic stations, hpc and cloud computers, rendering and parallel computing servers..