Before Beginning, Knowing How to Listen (II): Learning to Listen

Rather than listening, the basic lesson is to learn to listen and listen. Many business ideas given by future customers, or entries into new worlds unknown to the managers of a company, start from that simple premise. Does the problem? To put into practice what few or have learned the lesson.

When we speak (I understand this as a conversation, not as a text on paper, which is why I never write), in several entries on Social Media, or its derivative, the Social Media Marketing, we do so from a standpoint that dirige always the practice of listening, but not only putting the ear to see what fish (hearing is not listening), but to learn from what the followers of a mark want to tell it. From there, engage in a communication with them (this will allow the online media, the middle offline only allowed companies hear what was being said of them).

Listen, in the online world, becomes a constantly evolving process in which provokes the process that began contrary to the company, now it is in a better position to know what they hear their customers or followers, controlling, somehow , How to react. That line expresses Enrique Dans, which explains why it is highly advisable to have a corporate blog, what I would amplify the Social Media in all its tools:

(?) Each blog post generates not only the effect resulting from its publication and its (often even more interesting) discussion in the comments, but also invaluable throughout this process subsequent appearances in search engines or links from other pages. If we add to this the possibility of supplementing or even to maintain greater control over what the media decide to extract or stress, the result is even more positive.

That reasoning is, curiously, which today leads me to recommend to those companies which are advised to opt for a corporate blog: not only your appearances multiply its profitability and long term, but also build a repository of links incoming invaluable when it comes to your brand positioning, and you get more control over the information for the future.

Internet, as well as shows Ethan Zuckerman with his project Global Voices Online, is the aglutinador those who have learned to listen and try to show that this path to those who want to follow. The network is a global speaker to learn that it is appropriate to adjust the volume if you want to make a profit. We have heard, but not as decorative two appendices. Understanding what others want us to count, process and communicate it is the step. The disclosure in this information economy in which we now live, now has its start learning how to listen. And along the story is a lesson that very few have implemented. It’s time to change it.

Silla Juice Gyroxus

The games are a serious sport for some people, and the world of peripherals could be seen with products like the chair Gyroxus Games. This chair playing with full range of motion is easy to install and configure.

Lecturers Oil Supply Faced with Difficulties

AFP – Madrid (AFP) – Those responsible tankers have before it a difficult scene, with a growing demand and prices soar, which if they want to guarantee supplies will have to invest more and rationalize consumption, indicated at the World Congress Oil.
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Sendible, Organizing Shipments of Our Messages to Networks Centrally

Many of us, especially those who are most active on the Internet, we have in mind many of the Web services we use every day. It is normal that at this stage we have in mind Facebook and Twitter for example, and also our own blog on Blogger.

You can give the fact that sometimes we would like to schedule sending messages to some of these networks, which will have to use specific applications separately, wherever they exist, to schedule such messages, so far. And I say so far because Sendible allows us to program the messaging to social networks, email addresses, phones through SMS, update statements, manage events, reminders and manage our contacts from the same application. Of course, that we have no access to our accounts, user name and password, Sendible.

The options that we get are:

New message: we can schedule the dispatch of new messages to our contacts, whether through email, SMS, from Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut or Blogger. Except in blogging, where we will have to choose one of our blogs, in other cases we must indicate our contacts we want to send messages, indicate date and time, frequency, matter and content of the message. Vary slightly depending on the option chosen.

My rule: You can schedule the upgrade of our state, both for Facebook to Twitter, however that if, separately. We indicate the date, time, frequency and content of the state.

My events: We can manage events, dates and locations, sending invitations to our contacts through e-mail, SMS or social network, so that they accept or reject it.

Reminders: We can establish for ourselves, reminders by SMS or by e-mail. In both cases, enter their dates, frequency and content of the message. In addition, we can import the birthdays of our contacts in Facebook, but we can add our contacts manually.

Contacts: You can add it manually our own contacts, introducing basic data about them. In addition, we group them to have well organized.

Credits: If you think that sms iban free to leave, because it will not be, except that give us evidence. Since this option allows us to buy credits, either for or SMS messages to include in our advertising messages, if they want. The purchase will be made only through Paypal.

Furthermore, we can access our output tray, where we can see the slopes for sending messages, the next reminders, among others.

Without doubt an excellent place to centralize our outgoing communications in some of the systems where we participate.

Labyrinth, Creates Mental Maps from the N800

Labyrinth is an application that allows us to create mental maps, diagrams that allow us to some represented in a graphical ideas, tasks, words, classifications, … and relationships that are between them.

The mental maps are very useful for brainstorming sessions to develop an initial idea we’ve had to solve problems or where we become stuck, allowing viewing of a graphic form and attack them from a viewpoint that might not had considered.

Labyrinth Although not a new application, I proved interesting because the version that has been launched for Maemo, the operating system that works with the Nokia Internet Tablet, as the N800 or N810.

This will allow us to create our mental maps of where we are quickly, without carrying a computer completely over. Subsequently, we can move the files to your computer, to be available for Linux.

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