Labyrinth, Creates Mental Maps from the N800

Labyrinth is an application that allows us to create mental maps, diagrams that allow us to some represented in a graphical ideas, tasks, words, classifications, … and relationships that are between them.

The mental maps are very useful for brainstorming sessions to develop an initial idea we’ve had to solve problems or where we become stuck, allowing viewing of a graphic form and attack them from a viewpoint that might not had considered.

Labyrinth Although not a new application, I proved interesting because the version that has been launched for Maemo, the operating system that works with the Nokia Internet Tablet, as the N800 or N810.

This will allow us to create our mental maps of where we are quickly, without carrying a computer completely over. Subsequently, we can move the files to your computer, to be available for Linux.

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Task2Gather, Project Manager and Tasks Somewhat Minimalist

Interestingly, as developers increasingly strive to streamline the functions of their service. At least that is what we see when we can deduce Task2Gather, a quite simple and minimalist online tool that allows us to manage our projects and tasks, both personal and professional, without having to spend time in prior learning, as their facility is obvious.

But let’s say something more detailed than we have. Well, we left our two bars. The upper is where we create our projects, and will lower the list of our partners. On the right, at its top, we can see the tasks, such as tree list or system, and at the bottom, properties, which depend on whether we have selected a specific project or one of the tasks we have at the top , Belonging to one of our active projects.

And here is where we are going to stop a little more, since both for each project as each task, the options we have are the same. This is where contact name, description, assigned to the same person, additional information and discussion board. As additional information we can highlight projects and tasks for colors, establishing estimated time of delivery and done, and even we can establish the project or task marked as completed.

Without doubt a fairly minimalist option that we can use across the Web, although they have a client available for iPhone and Windows Mobile. Soon we will see new options for its premium version.

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