Obama and Biden do it

When even the most qualified experts know what the hell happens in the economy, it is normal that people are willing to believe anything. The examples are many in the U.S. this week, and not all have to do with the implosion of Wall Street. This Friday, a city like Nashville, capital of the State of Tennessee with about 600,000 inhabitants, was practically out of gas. Spread the rumor that will end up in a matter of hours and cars began to form long queues at service stations.

During the making of office as Governor of California from her husband, there was speculation that Shriver did not want to be presented to the elections, which removed from office of Gray Davis, because they did not want to expose his family to public life. However, when her husband abruptly announced his candidacy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it was like his loyal wife policy, despite its tilt Democrat with the elections and Obama together with Biden and showing something for the Democratic party in the bid for the presidency. . Shortly after, in September, both attended the program Oprah Winfrey, where he had to defend her husband from accusations of sexual harassment. She played a decisive advantage in elections in which he had to counter accusations of inappropriate behavior that 16 women, in addition to attracting, thanks to the image Brand Kennedy, the moderate and independent vote.
Ever since Governor Schwarzenegger took office in 2003, Maria has visibly supported her husband and has taken several actions as First Lady, bringing the contributions of women in the state, working on practical solutions to end the “cycle of poverty” and to encourage all Californians to engage in assisting in their communities. It also works in support of military families through business cards paid in advance and on-line conferences, organizes the Special Olympics (co-founded by her mother and where her husband works with and with Special Olympics) , And at the conclusion of the History Museum on women in Sacramento. It also inspired the creation of the Hall of Fame in California in the Museum of California where Californians are included celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart, Ronald Reagan, John Steinbeck, Earl Warren and Rita Moreno.
As her husband proposed a series of incentives to vote in November 2005, she decided to forego any public support for the proposals of her husband. In October 2004, was honored that one type of pink had his name, “Rosa Maria Shriver” distributed by Edmunds’ Roses and is priced at 21.95 dollars.
Before his work at NBC, had led CBS Morning News with Forrest Sawyer. He also won the Peabody Award for the documentary Checks and Balances and the Emmy for the NBC coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics. [24 ] It is also the author of six books: What’s Heaven (Mama, That Is The Sky), Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Out Into The Real World (10 Things you would have liked to know before Confront The Real World) , What’s Wrong with Timmy? (What is wrong with Timmy?), What’s Happening to Grandpa? (What is happening with Pop?), And One More Thing Before You Go (One more thing before you go) and Just Who Will You Be?.
On February 3, 2008, Shriver showed their support for the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’spresidential nomination. This support with