Mobile Viruses

More recently, computers were the only gateway to the world of digital technology and the viruses written for them, absolutely not related to other handheld calculators. However, as the development of mobile communication has become clear that phone, if not replace the usual personalku, then at least it will be indispensable. And indeed, today we can see lots of mobile phones, which has long been united in himself the functions players, digital cameras and many other useful additions. But every manufacturer implemented the management of all the functionality of the device at its sole discretion, requiring the user to relearn a each acquired a new phone. Recently Ali Partovi sought to clarify these questions. The solution to this problem was the creation of devices such as a smartphone. Their main difference from our usual phone – it's an operating system.

As the latter can be used Windows Mobile, but many manufacturers preferring os Symbian. Naturally, the availability of the operating system is a significant plus, as it gives users the ability to install all the applications developed specifically for this version of the os. Such universalization can not take care of the hardware component of the smartphone and be sure that the application starts. Many might argue that installing MIDlets allows any more or less modern phone. However, not all so simple – phones use flash for their work (some similarity operating systems) that are created separately for each phone. Confirmed by the huge list of compatible phones, which accompany every Java-game, or Java-program. But guaranteed job any application in the smartphone creates a very great danger to their owners.