Mobile Communications

We estimate spending on mobile average inhabitant of Moscow is spending on mobile communication from 1500 to 2000 rubles per month. In order to reduce spending on mobile communications in the first place, it is necessary to estimate these costs. In general, all payments to mobile operators for calls or pass, or sms / mms messages, or for using the internet (gprs) traffic. In order to objectively evaluate the possible costs, you must reset the phone settings lists, call timers, and after one full week to look at the figures spent minutes, SMS and megabytes. The resulting figure is multiplied by 4 and get your expenses on mobile communication in a month. Of course, the figures are quite approximate, but they will understand the balance. Based on the data, it is necessary to determine at what you are spending more. If it is text messages, you should connect packages. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dermot McCormack.

The cost of one SMS message at an average about 5-6 cents SMS Service for most operators it is 2 cents. There are also such tariff plans as a "monster of communication" from Beeline, which allow for a certain fee to the cost of SMS Message 2 pennies. On the Internet, just as traffic packages can save your finances. Thus, the value of 1 megabyte GPRS-Internet is an average of about 8 and rubles. With tariffs "onlayner" or "mts.konnekt" to example, the cost is reduced almost in 2 times. In fact, to use the mobile Internet is expensive in any case. If you need it to connect, for example, laptop, or suggestions from SkyLink Yota lot cheaper.

If you spend more on communications, count the number of minutes per month. If you spend more than 3000 minutes, so you need a full unlimited rate – it will cost 3007 rubles per month. If expenses are stacked in the 3000 minutes, you can recommend tariff "MTS 916", provided that you are talking constantly in Moscow. A total of 1080 rubles per month (916 – excluding VAT) you get 3000 minutes per month to mobiles and landlines. Today it is one of the most profitable no limit on the MTS.