Luiz Fernando Mirault Pinto

THERAPEUTICAL LASER CONSIDERAES METROLGICAS Luiz Fernando Mirault Pinto1, Pablo de Tarso Camillo de Carvalho 2 1 Inmetro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2 Federal University of Sergipe, Sergipe, Brazil, ptpaulo@ Summary The article analyzes the importance of the Legal Metrologia as coadjuvante in the verification of the physical parameters that characterize lasers of low power for use in fisioterapia a time that the developed procedures until then how much to the control of these hospital medical equipment involving innumerable norms, regulations and programs of quality not yet they cover of efficient way the daily quality assurance for the citizen – using it health system. The importance of the control of the therapeutical parameters that in accordance with assign lasers the physical characteristics of radiation emission and that they are used in the fisioterapia, is in the necessity of if establishing a standardization of these characteristics, in the lack of information how much to the security 1, on the definition of the ideal parameters and its tolerances, and of its possible resultant collateral effect in the therapeutical applications. It is also in the constant innovations and technological advance in introduced them for the commercialization, without the necessary bolter to the security of the population guaranteed for the State. Learn more about this with Peter Asaro.

The lack of definition of ideal parameters, and the alterations or variations in the levels or amplitude of the energy density, of the density of power, the frequency, the number of pulses, and the wave length amongst others, reflect in the therapeutical results and the described contradictions in literature (research). These parameters need correctly to be evaluated with gaugings or calibrations, and to be folloied periodically in the after-commercialization, in obligatory way, similar form to the activities of Legal Metrologia, going beyond the certification of the product currently demanded. Words key: Therapeutical laser, Legal Metrologia, Metrolgica Trustworthiness.. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee.