LAN Computers

Removable storage media are used to transfer information from one computer to another and to store information in not currently needed. By inserting a carrier on the same computer, you burn it the right information, and then going to get the support and will carry to their friends. After inserting the removable media on your computer, they can read written by you. There's an easier way to share information. If the computers connect to each other by cables, they can exchange information alone. In this case we say that computers are connected to the LAN. There are local area networks of computers in the same room or in one building, as well as distributed networks that can integrate computers around the world.

The most well-known global computer network is the Internet, which you probably heard of. As a removable media most commonly used floppy disks and CDs. Floppy disk – a small flexible plastic disk that is placed in a hard plastic shell. Can be written to a floppy disk is slightly less than half a megabyte of information that today is not so much. All PCs are equipped with devices to write and read data from floppy disks. The CD is a hard plastic disc on one side of which is printed a drawing or lettering. On the other side of the disc contain information that you can not see. C using a laser beam, the computer can read information from CD-ROM. The CD drive can burn a few hundred megabytes of data.