Insurance Companies Are Just Thrown Out Of Money, Or They Really Need

The old saying: “I had nothing happens!” May testify to an optimistic attitude, but can not prevent, however, that we come to harm. Although insurance companies can only offer financial compensation, but must accept to not to any body or property damage greater financial losses, they are now indispensable. What should we hedge First you should take to protect his physical integrity and health care. Then immediately follows the asset and property insurance against damage. Health insurance is essential. Often we think about it, since most people are insured through their employers. Anyone who is self employed, no matter whether he or she pursues a commercial or professional activities, but must provide for his own health insurance. Another important safeguard is the disability insurance. The BU should have a reasonable pension, taking into account any other pensions orfinancial reserves in case of incapacity to hedge. If you like, it can pair with an additional pension product. If someone can not finish due to health reasons, BU, because he can not take the hurdles of the insurers in the health questions to be answered, should take out accident insurance. At least offers a financial protection in an accident that causes disability. Anyone with children should definitely also conclude for them a casualty. A child is involved in an accident that leads to a disability, we can state support only in rare cases and at low altitudes hope. There are already products on the insurance market that offer – similar to the invalidity insurance for adults – including the protection of children. If you have taken with these three types of insurance for both themselves and the children’s care is the protection of private assets. Because that will be used indefinitely if you damage someone elsecauses: the polluter must pay, it is the law. To the right of other claims, which includes protecting you accidentally cause unacceptable harm to one from a private insurance. It assumes financial obligations, if one has the meaning of Section 823 BGB others negligently inflicted harm such as in health or property. It is the most important insurance that should be next to have self-protection, because the liability under 823 BGB is limited. You may be looking forward to high damages or claims for pain and suffering that can lead to economic ruin without insurance. The liability insurance policy is especially important for people who are often abroad. Because in other countries are pending before the courts are often substantially higher sums than in Germany, for example in the U.S.. There are in addition to private insurance or specialized liability insurance, builders, for example – or the third party liability. Anyone who owns a property or a pet, should also be here on a liability insurancethink. A household contents insurance saves expensive furnishings or valuable items from the claim. This insurance is less important than the previously mentioned serving the financial protection for bodily harm and health damage. There is now no longer a major problem, in a relatively short time, though not with the most beautiful, yet equipped with cheap furniture new again. Also important is the protection of old age: Those who can, should start as early as possible, to provide for his age. Here you can take advantage Funding: State funding opportunities are, for example, or via the Riester pension Rrup may, quite worthwhile.