Image Editing

The start-ups is aimed at photographers, graphic designers, bloggers and Web site operators, as well as small businesses regularly need artwork or logos. Pixel slave is a neugrundeter provider of outsourcing services in the field of imaging and logo creation. The company was officially founded on July 1st and went online with your own website. Offering the company addressed to operators who need a regular large image quantities especially graphic designers and photographers, as well as site and online shop. According to owner Sebastian Prestele, it is the stated goal of the company “to create temporal space our customers, we take time consuming and not very profitable tasks. The customer can focus therefore on revenue-generating measures.” Especially in the area of imaging, retouching, and roughly cut out the image set, which will be taken over by third-party increases continuously for years. In this growing market, slave would include pixel through personal service and customer care services for foot.

So far feedback has been positive and first strategic partnerships could be closed already. One of the unique features of the young company is the flat rate in the area of the cut out, which regardless of the complexity of the task a fixed price is offered. This can lead to a cost savings of up to 30% compared with flexible prices. All other services, such as logo creation, creating WordPress headers or the coloration of images, restoration of pictures, etc will be carried out also at fixed prices and not as usual after work time calculated. The customer know therefore exactly in advance what costs it will. Pixel slave is a young company at the start, which continues the trend of companies in the field of outsourcing in German-speaking countries. (