Horses, as well as human beings and domestic animals tend to have a variety of behavioral problems. These editions of behavior can occur suddenly, after a traumatic experience, or may take root deeply in the psyche of the horse along with past experiences. Aggression in horses can be a particularly dangerous combination! Some horses can become biting and kicking, rearing hostility and attack, squeezing its space carrying, bumping him with his head or leaning on you. What causes the aggression of the horse? Any erratic behavior has an original cause. The cause may be physical (caused by pain, discomfort or disease) or psychological (abuse in the past or tension and anxiety. It is important to determine the cause of the problem.

All the horses who exhibit aggressive behaviour must experience a complete checkup at the vet. Other causes may include: * a horse who is unhappy in their environment * Aversion to other horses that share stables * lack of one close relationship with his trainer * lack of training * abuse physical diagnosis of aggression of the horse due to varying degrees of aggression, is important to beware of the danger of aggression signs in horses. The symptom of an equine aggression include: * open their mouths or showing their teeth as if it were to bite * fix the ears backwards * bite * recoil with the leg * rise * attack * bumping him with his head * sounds aggressive, vicious talk to your veterinarian if your horse becomes aggressive or shows aggressive behaviour. Support for the aggression of the horse there are many medications to attend hostile horses that have editions of aggression. Unfortunately these medications are not without side effects, and while they can help relax the horse at a time, their long-term effects are not known.

In addition, the sedatives and drugs which soothe can disrupt the senses of a horse which may result in difficult competitive situations, because it requires concentration and surveillance. Talk to your veterinarian about other alternatives. Natural remedies there are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that can help to reduce aggressive tendencies while maintaining his horse alert. Homeopathic ingredients such as Chamomilla, Kali. PHOS and Cina has been traditionally used for centuries to treat underlying causes of aggression and to promote calm. Homeopathic remedies get work on a cellular level, dealing with imbalances of the horse and promoting appropriate levels of salts in living cells necessary for physical and mental health. Phosphorus and the Asarum can also help strengthen the nervous system in the animal body promoting a healthy mental health and treating nervous disorders. More information on the aggression of the horse the first rule for any horse owner is perform any horse who successfully get with it with an aggressive act will believe he is dominant over you! Horses work within a hierarchy. From the beginning, make very clear to his horse than he It must not come into your space personal you are the alpha horse. This is essential for your safety and the safety of others!