Forest Sciences

Alcohol some consulted studies reflect that the use of ethanol (alcohol) has the potential of producing less pollutant fumes for terrestrial life, under this background, Brazil has been catapulted into the development and use of these resources, seeking to contribute to global sanitation and the effects of global warming, in addition to consolidate a stronger international economic position. But other studies ensure that the combustion of ethanol produces more greenhouse gases than gasoline, per each Gigajoule (unit of the international system for measuring the energy and work), obtained by the combustion of ethanol is produced 71,35 kilograms of carbon dioxide, unlike gasoline, taken by pure octane, which produces 67.05 kilograms per Gigajoule. (wikipedia) In other words, the use of pure ethanol in vehicles produces 6 percent more carbon dioxide per kilometre. If there is a reduction of polluting gases, may be due to the I come from agriculture and to the obtaining of biofuel, it is also used as an additive to oxygenate gasoline standard, in replacement of methyl tert-butyl ether, responsible for the contamination of soils and groundwater. Considered this, he nevertheless important environmental impact that may have the manufacture of ethanol.

In the year 2002, supervision to ethanol plants reflected that the levels of volatile organic compounds were much higher than he had anticipated. For the obtention of ethanol is necessary to use sugar cane and maize crops, what worries the Brazilian population and environmental groups, the shortages of these products for domestic consumption, by both the stability of the Amazonian fauna and flora. According to Da Silva, the agreement with United States for a future increase in biofuel production, does not imply the destruction of rain forests in Brazil for the planting of sugarcane ethanol manufacturing-oriented, but neither cane or corn will no longer be used as food.Environmentalists warn the use of processes agricultural modern that certain countries, like the United States, have been used.Genetic mutations according to Wikipedia virtual portal, biotechnology is technology based on biology, especially used in agriculture, pharmacy, food, Forest Sciences and medicine science, could be defined as any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof to make or modify products or processes for specific use.?STA technology would be useful to produce the amount of biofuels required to meet global demand, which is not calculated accurately. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi.