For Coast

Colello (2004) still affirms that great part of the failure pertaining to school is, today, tributary of an impersonal system that, disrespecting the individual or cultural differences, is turned only toward the group of pupils already in tune with the pertaining to school universe. It says that the reduction of the interlocutors and the vindication of silence in classroom finish for if configuring as mechanisms of incompreenso and abandonment, whose resulted if they make to feel in the indices of evasion, repetncia, problems of learning or behavior. 1.3 – FAILURE PERTAINING TO SCHOOL X SCHOOL Exists some theories that place the school as cause of the failure pertaining to school. For Coast (2003), the reality shows a different scene total where to the school, main instrument for the propagation of knowledge, does not allow that poor children if appropriate of this knowledge, since they do not create the necessary minimum conditions so that this occurs. Schools exist that poor children take care of and we cannot generalize, however with some rare exceptions these schools possess a quality of the services destined to this clientele very low what it contributes to aggravate the problem of the failure pertaining to school. We can also observe that the failure in if treating to the alfabetizao is more frequent in pupils of lower social classes and that the schools with its conditions of precarious education in the reality finish being the responsible ones for the failure of the child. Following this reasoning Coast it complements: ' ' While the children of favored social classrooms more have access chance the school since early, conditions of acquisition of pedagogical toys, diversified pedagogical material, privileged computer, books for the school etc, great part of the poor children glimpses in the school the privileged place for access to these goods, having, most of the time, its expectation frustrada.' ' (Coast, 2003).