Flint Writers

These technical innovations helped transform graffiti into a more widely-known form of art. When part of the subway car covered with a piece of work longer than the car and covering the windows, were born a few forms: top to bottoms (from top to bottom) – this definition refers to a piece that covers part of the car from top to bottom, but not along the entire length of the car. More info: Zendesk. end to ends (from edge to edge) – Judging from the title – the work covering the carriage from one end to another, but not completely vertical. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. whole cars (whole car) – it’s completely shaded subway car – from top to bottom and from edge to edge (including windows).

The first ‘a car’ made in 1973, Flint 707, it was doubly amazing, because a piece was made in 3-D. ‘A car’ – a rather large surface area is 20 feet long and 12 in height, about 20 bottles of paint, and eight or more hours of work. So this work is often performed group of writers or ‘crew’. All those who have done some pieces were divided among themselves in accordance with experience and position in the team. Design (design – contour and color) was planned in advance in the writers ‘black books’ (notebooks with sketches). Due to the large number of paint required on the car, writers usually steal the paint needed for the job. Writers have made the ‘whole car’ were honored among the other writers, especially when the car was made in good style.