Electronic Security

The urban violence is one of the biggest problems that reach cities as So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. To live in a city where it happens a crime to each minute is really difficult, to live with more security has that becoming attached in them to some equipment that is essential in a society as ours. The fear has brought some changes in the architectures of building and great houses, as electronic doormans, cameras and diverse sophisticated resources of security. ' ' In the So Paulo capital, the visual accumulation of obstacles in the medium constructions and high standard are well-known. It does not have building or house of high income that does not have high walls, great sentry boxes, electrified wires, cameras visible and sophisticated cars of private services circulating ostensive. The sentry boxes almost do not allow the vision of are for inside, and some walls arrive the 12 meters of height, sharpening the curiosity on what he is protegido' ' the site of the FAPERJ says analyzes it Snia Ferraz in accordance with. Aiming at the versatility and easy operation, equipment as the ratchet is capable to join aesthetic and functionality.

The ratchets possess advanced technological resources for the access control, being able to be used for cards or biomtrica identification (through the fingerprint). The ratchets follow a green or red display with easy visualization and beepers becoming the operation most easy for the user. For the ratchets of biomtrica identification the fingerprints are filed and stored automatically in a database inside of the equipment. Some ratchets today already present a list of control of access of the users in accordance with the configured schedules. The electronic security of the ratchets has each time more being shown as a salvation assuring the companies of the great metropolises being able to be installed in any environment as agencies, schools, ranks, club, stadiums, nocturnal houses and great events.