Introduction Considering the technological advances in the humanity in some sectors and as these advances start to be part of our lives are at the leisure moments or of work, we see how much each more indispensable time becomes our appropriation of these technologies so that let us can understand them and use them in real time, thus to be able to interact with the too much people to our redor without being stops backwards. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. As the subject ‘ ‘ tecnologia’ ‘ it is very including, we will go concentrating in them in the influence of the electronic games under the education, after all they can be seen as allies or enemy of the professors and of that it forms this occurs? Making one soon retrospect, we have that the first invented electronic game was ‘ ‘ Tennis Programming’ ‘ of Willy Higinbothan in 1958, New York I broke, it from there had been appearing other games as ‘ ‘ Spacewar’ ‘ (1962), ‘ ‘ Chasing’ ‘ patented as ‘ ‘ Brown box (1967). Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. At the beginning of the decade of 70 we have ‘ ‘ Computer Space’ ‘ in this exactly period appears the Atari de Nolan Bushnell (1972). With the sprouting of the Atari, the electronic games had gained more space and adepts, had appeared then other companies as Matel Intellivision (1980), the Coleco Vision (1982), the MSX (1983), the Nitendo (1985), the Sega (1986), and the Playstation/Sony (1994).

As we can observe already they are 52 years of existence of the electronic games and the advance of the technology contributes for its perfectioning how much to the image, definition and similarity with the reality. According to krger and Cross (2001), what it feeds the allure for the electronic games is the possibility of interaction of the player with the game, beyond being allies to the realism degree that they possess, another point is that it allows the creative, intellectual development and aesthetic of the players, use and stimulation of the mood whom more motivates the child, mainly in the ones of simulation where does not have a winner, and finally, the alone player or in group, creates scenes and complex actions, testing all the hypotheses possible on the world where it lives, in the perspective to decide the problems that find in the game and that they can find day-by-day in its. The White Public of the Electronic Games Already was the time to find that electronic games were boy thing, although to be they them bigger adepts. The industries subdivide the categories of the games in action, sport, strategy, fights, RPG, and of simulation what ahead of this reality and variety it was possible to conquer more adepts, already exist, for example, a great variety of destined games the girls and also to the adults. From the expansion of the Internet, the access to these games was more easy, being able to be found some sites with games online or for download for all the taste and all the ages. If it does not make more necessary to have in house a Playstation 3 if to amuse with the games, today we have lan houses that many times are frequented by groups of friends to play in net and group.