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The ratio of the case of Bernard Madoff with society and community is a very sensitive issue because those affected are large and numerous. With the latest scandalous news about the sentencing of his guru financier, those affected have demonstrated and brought out all his feelings and frustrations, which indicates the serious consequences that has brought Madoff actions in society, especially in its major investors. But we must make clear that the above organizational investment level not only haunts the society and community, but also includes government and public entities. In this case, the entities concerned have banks taken charge of regulating the stock markets, it is not the first time that eludes them financial fraud. This should not happen, much less with a scandal of this magnitude. What has caused all this is that individuals and financial institutions generate a distrust of government regulators. Currently tests are being subjected to laws governing brokers and financial advisors. Some words of those affected financial are a clear indication of the frustration, anger and even depression before the facts of Madoff. “The emotional devastation is so intense that one can not describe,” these were the words of a retired couple who trusted their life savings in Madoff to secure its future. “I have a broken knee, lung cancer and I thank Madoff bankrupt” are the words of a veteran Muundial War II 86 years, which now has to live in a smaller accounting place and live with 900 a month and they entrust their savings Madoff. Other people like Andy Baird, Madoff defined as a “sociopath.” Also referred to as a common thief. After listening to all these statements is very clear the position of those affected against Madoff. Everyone agrees that this man has stolen banking the lives of people and ruined many families and businesses. These are statements of individuals, but also affects charities, such as beans and environmental. Defining a correct vs. dilemma. right is a bit companies difficult in this case. This is because the facts are clearly completely wrong, since it would involve a huge fraud. Somehow Bernard Madoff faced a position to account do consumer something bad to corporation happen no worse. If you are looking for a financial expert go to serves as a Trustee for the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation Madoff developing a fraud with the trading Ponzi pyramid scheme, this is illegal in the U.S., and he knew it, but decided to and then continuing to try to get their customers are not affected. Over time, everything is out of hand and could not control it and if we add the economic crisis of 2008, we find the reason by which everything was discovered.