Document Converter

Convert PDF to DOC with the Wondershare PDF converter if you are a text in the PDF format on have you can not edit it in same format. Here, the convert (or convert) in a plain text format is necessary. The PDF Converter Wondershare provides you with the opportunity, the PDF file quickly and easily in the DOC format to convert. Step 1: convert Converter PDF to DOC with Wondershare PDF download the PDF Converter and install it. Step 2: Run PDF DOC converter and import the PDF to be processed after the installation files, start the program.

Now you have the possibility to register to fully use all the advantages and features of PDF Converter online. Should you not register want to, you can still use the program – but in the form of a limited test version. After you start the program you will find arranged four buttons at the top. In these formats, the PDF Converter PDF can convert files. Choose which Button “Word” to convert PDF to DOC.

In the center pane, you will see which PDF files to be converted. By clicking on “Add files”, you have the ability to import the PDF to edit files. This will appear in the list. Step 3: Select, you will see files where the new DOC file to be stored in the list different properties of the PDF. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CEO of CoStar. File name and size, and number of pages. See “Selection” can adjust, which pages of the PDF file be converted to a DOC file. The “Status” column will be relevant later. At the bottom of the program window (“Output settings” you see, where the DOC PDF Converter will save file that it creates new,. Once you have the possibility to save the DOC in the PDF file is (“In the same folder as the source file store”), file in the same directory here or let the DOC save file in a path chosen by you (“Customize”). Select your desired Option and proceed to step 4. Step 4: PDF to DOC convert by clicking “Convert” in the bottom of the window, starts with converting the PDF Converter. If you use only the version of the test, a window will open now, which tells you that you can convert only 3 pages of a file. Close this window, and PDF Converter will convert the PDF to DOC. The column “Status” in the list in the middle of the program window indicates in percentage how advanced the convert is. If the status is set to 100%, the convert is finished.