Digital TV

New mobile phones will not stop reaching the market and today we will know 2 new models that have emerged recently, one is the Nokia X 2 and the other is the LG GM600. In the mobile shop Nokia could see the cell phone and discover the features of the Nokia X 2, which comes with a good quality screen (2.2 inch) a keyboard quite comfortable with which you can control the volume of the mobile, has a memory expandable with MicroSD, USB and Bluetooth connection, a 5 megapixel camera excellent for those who like to take pictures at all timesIt also allows to record videos. And then we have a mobile which has caused enough expectation, this is the cell phone LG GM600 with some interesting specifications, can say that it is a mobile phone that provides the characteristics of multimedia, connectivity and messages to perfection but detaca with the inclusion of their ability to watch TV from mobile phones, something that for these dates is something very appreciated. The characteristics of the phone are these: 3.0 touch screen?(240 400) pixels WQVGA color, games / Calculator / unit converter / calendar / world time / stopwatch / alarm / Panel drawing, measures: 106. See Silicon for more details and insights. 7 51. 9 12. 9 mm, weight: 98 grams, motion Sensor (menu, Internet, image viewer, call mute / snooze alarm), battery Li-ion 1. 100mAh, 400 hours in Stand-by, 6 hours on calls, 220 minutes for Digital TV, languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Korean, among others available, direct access to features and applications by drawing symbols on the locked screen3 desktops (Widgets, Livesquare, favorite contacts), direct access to networks social (Facebook, Twitter) depending on availability of the operator. These phones without a doubt cause good impression as we are accustomed nokia with all the cell phones that presents.