Despite the crisis

Despite the crisis that still live, price stock there are certain areas that seem to resist this. We speak of information technology, but have seen their sales, businesses and some job prospects, remain stock prices the best options for the future now. According to recent data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the technologies of information were the stock trading only segment in the service sector grew last year. Well, it is much easier to find work in businesses related to information technology in other fields. Brukman factory was hit stock symbol by the crisis in Argentina, which became notorious after the recession of 1998. Since stock quote 1995 the business had been declining, and Brukman had dismissed more than half stock of its exchange 300 employees. Sales were falling and the debts were accumulated. Workers’ wages were reduced to stock quotes the point that they could not afford the daily transportation to get to work. Now circulating rumors that the owners were preparing to close the factory. the stock market On December stock market 18, 2001, about 50 people (mostly women) gathered at the factory and demanded they buy stock be granted an allowance for transportation, only to be able to get to work.