DeskJet Cartridge

Then stick with the other two, and so on. In the end we remove all the tape and return the top cover in place. You can fix it all the same scotch. Now let's deal with the black cartridge. In models of hp DeskJet 400/500/600 pressure within the reservoir created by the special air bags.

Keep this in mind, as after an injury of such a bag all the ink vytekut outside, and the cartridge must be discarded. In older models use the difference between external and internal pressures, and hence this problem can not arise. For younger models filling process looks follows. First tape to seal all the vents on the bottom and the cartridge. Then in the corner of the cartridge to drill a hole (by the way – on some models may already be ready opening, in which case it is necessary only push the ball inside a special, close it).

Next, using a syringe upload to the ink. After that close to seal the hole with tape (or, if you use a special kit, cork). It is here to allow the greatest number of errors. The hole should be closed tightly. Otherwise, the cartridge leaks, and often it happens when it is inserted into the printer. Believe me, it is very unpleasant. Here and all. Unstick tape from the vents. Now you only have to upload a little air into the upper hole technology. Try not to get dirty, because this ink will drip from the nozzle head.