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In the case of the insurer, the majority of people who left the post, was due to the workload, a factor of equal importance. But what is the rotation of staff? The term of human resources rotation is used to define the movement of personnel within an organization; This means that the exchange of people between the Organization and the job market is defined by the volume of people entering and leaving her. It is clear that this problem affects the team for any type of organization, since it disturbs the dynamics of group to have a constant exchange between the members of a company, making that the objectives aren’t made on time and. This is due to performance and the cohesion of the team will be lost temporarily, until they replace the employee and then having this dynamic and integration. It is important to emphasize that on average, a person takes about three months to give their full potential within a company. The case of Ophelia is very common in the companies, since people sometimes leave their jobs without informing the relevant personnel, which causes more loads of work to the rest of the team. When I started working in the insurance, nobody had told me the amount of people who came out and entrants of this world-renowned company. The branch was comprised of the departments of sales, travel insurance and claims, being last is the computer to which I joined me. Claims was composed by three analysts who gave personal attention to the concerns of customers, likewise, communicated with workshops and vendors to learn about the current state of each repair, and make payments in recent records system; three support persons in payments, which were dedicated to elaborate orders payment of claims from the previous year; three administrative assistants who organized the records in the file; a Secretary at the counter, which catered to people who were out of the Office and channeled calls to analysts and managers; two people in the cabin, that he attended claims 24 hours a day, divided into two shift, and a manager of area.