Club Necaxa

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Club Necaxa, popularly known as Ray’s Necaxa (also “Hydro Ray” from playing in Aguascalientes) is a Mexican football club in the city of Aguascalientes in the state of Aguascalientes. Was founded on 21 August 1923 and played in the Primera Division de Mexico.
The Victoria Stadium
Victoria Stadium, located in workout Aguascalientes (Mexico), is home team Necaxa club in the first division of soccer.
This stadium has a capacity for 25,000 spectators, a restaurant and light sources has increasingly turned to the local team scores a goal.
The name of the stadium was sold in 50 years to grant Grupo Modelo, which assigned the name of Victoria for a brand of beer.
This stadium is also the home team’s football Hawks Aguascalientes. This stadium has witnessed a game of Mexican and Aztec bowl. It was also chosen by the renowned artists for their concerts.
Its construction and subsequent grant was surrounded by critics, after the then mayor, Luis Armando Reynoso fitness Femat, given under circumstances somewhat clarified the necessary permits for the demolition of Municipal Stadium to accommodate the new building. Later, at the end of his term as mayor, was appointed Honorary President of the Football Development Trust, a ball position that allowed him to remain on the political agenda and then to be nominated by the PAN governor, that the question Reynoso admitted without restraint. 1 have also been widely criticized conditions highly favorable to the Club Necaxa related to the granting of the stadium itself, the tax exemption and the sale of boxes required to municipalities in the interior.
Other circumstances were unclear at the Special Session of the town on December 10, 2001 shortly before ceasing to be mayor of Aguascalientes, where the company’s Impulsora Deportivo Necaxa, SA of C.V. received a donation of land on the west of the city with an extension of 86 thousand square meters and 553.57 a market value of 6 million 127 thousand 987 pesos for the construction of the Casa Club Necaxa. At the same meeting, the Town Council agreed to remove the public utility of the stadium and by contract to assign Board that, exercise after finishing his term as mayor, the same leaders. the best method for me is method of stomach exercising Currently the board is chaired by Isunza Javier Ramirez, who is a relative Political Luis Armando Reynoso Femat.
Another strong social criticism received the Victoria Stadium was the closure and subsequent demolition of primary school “Adolfo L pez Mateos, in order to put in place the current parking drawers for attending the games. … Healthy day in our gym, method with equipment for training, … your body, you will be pleased to attend a session of Yoga or Tai-Chi. loading …
Players holders 1-0 at Mallorca had a recovery session, the rest of the staff do gym work and juice to Osasuna …
Sesion combined gym and field. Ricardo suffers from tonsillitis … The workshop has a duration of 90 minutes. …

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