China Using Italian Products

a Money does not talk, it swears. Bob Dylan has been great concern in Italy over the fact that China with its technological and master of copying and imitation ena haa been raiding various products that fashionable clothing, food, manufactured in such a way that is very difficult real recognize its originality, it certainly has not been widely accepted by the Italian authorities, to the extent that a delegation has been treating the matter with the government of that country. Agege to that is that China manufactures products like textiles, clothing and shoes to Mao Zedong. Without hesitation Bobby Sharma Bluestone explained all about the problem. These are items of low quality, but prices are affordable for all pockets, especially this time of crisis. Compete with the a Italy Made in excellent quality but costs up to the stars. Carla Maldonado. Correspondent in Milan, said that an example of this is seen in the streets of any Italian city.

In Milan, the a chinatowna (Sarpi area), captures the attention not only of immigrants, but also of the Italians. In this little world selling everything at unbeatable prices and unthinkable in other stores, even flea markets: a pair of 13 euros (from 40 euros in balance), a shirt for 5 euros (versus 30 euros in balance), a jacket at 12 euros (50 euros against the balance). The interesting thing is, like China through imitation and manufacture low-cost items, Pora to have a cheap labor can compete with low prices as you do and win new markets, especially the lower class is a representative number in ventures countries where, as in the case that we are not talking about Italy. .